Why do they sail?

The first reptiles were not particularly large. For example, the dimensions pelikozavrov that emerged 290 million years ago, did not exceed one meter. They did not differ and bloodthirsty. Varanozavr, for example, most of all he loved to regale insects and small fish, and other cousins ​​reptiles in general Read More

16 April 2011

The state is preparing for the benefits of Russian programmers
Mozilla launched the app store can run on any smart phone that has a browser

• Cherish happiness, cherish! »»»
Since poetry Asadov was to win readers’ hearts, was not a year, not two, not three - that’s fifty years of his books, hardly went out of print, just grab the readers.
• Twitter suggested MOE notify Russians about PE tweets »»»
Twitter will contact the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco with a proposal to create in our country a special twitter account for emergency notification.
• Donald Knuth finished the volume 4A of the book "Art of Computer Programming" »»»
The book is sent to press. Volume is devoted to combinatorial algorithms.
• Duma adopted amendments to the law on benefits for small IT companies - 7 people »»»
Three years later (!) It happened: now to pay premiums at a reduced rate of 14%, you have 7 workers in the state.
• Russia will supply software in China »»»
Moscow and Beijing have agreed to expand the supply of Chinese servers and storage systems in Russia and Russian software in China.