Mozilla launched the app store can run on any smart phone that has a browser

Mozilla, maker of Firefox open-source, on Wednesday launched a Web-based applications store, promoting the idea of ​​using smart phones that are not associated with the software of one of the largest companies.

Mozilla plans to focus on the massive use of a new type of smart phones, where all applications will run through the browser, rather than through their own operating systems like Android by Google, IOS from Apple or Windows 7 from Microsoft.

While these companies are trying to bind customers to the system solely for their software, the idea is to use the Mozilla browser phone as an operating system that supports features such as camera, voice and GPS.

“Mozilla expands network capacity, which would serve as a platform for the creation and use of content worldwide,” - said Todd Simpson, director of the company’s innovations Mozilla.

The so-called Mozilla Marketplace will allow developers to write applications that will run on any phone that supports a browser. Non-profit company in Silicon Valley is already in talks with wireless carriers and manufacturers to support Mozilla-phone, and reportedly plans to release a prototype of the new software at the Congress Mobile World, which opens next week in Barcelona.

23 February 2012

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