MajorDoMo - open control system “smart home”

In the morning (no earlier than six and not later than 11) for detection of the first movement in any of the rooms (except bedrooms), the system tells about the current state (the outside temperature, time of sunrise / sunset), and includes music (random location of the added to the “Favorites” )

When you open the garage or the gates of this system is reported. Just like if they are not closed (every 15 minutes, but can be easily disabled if needed)

Continuously monitored the temperature in the heating circuit - when leaving the nominal range, there is a notification to the Skype voice (for example: “The boiler temperature is 65 degrees Celsius. Warning - higher than normal and continues to grow!”)

The system knows what the temperature outside and in the rooms of the house

The system can accept commands via internal chat through skype, Smartphone (including voice control)

The system interface is available on any device in your home network, as well as through the internet (password is closed). The interface itself is optimized for mobile devices (used jQueryMobile).
The interface of the system have access to the image of IP-cameras and the system can react to the detected camera motion

The system controls the individual elements of the external lighting, including a half hour after sunset and off for an hour before sunrise

Availability is monitored devices connected to your home network - it can be to identify problems or to determine the presence of someone from home (on automatically connected to a Wi-Fi gadgets)

The system periodically scans your bluetooth-range for new or previously Identified devices (by MAC-address) in the range of the - of these marks as determined by the presence of people

Smartphone system automatically transmits GPS-coordinates and the system keeps track user movements, reacting to the input / output from certain locations (I know drove up to the house and in the future will be able to open the gates, and at the entrance to the store can be reminiscent of that shopping list is not empty)

Through the interface of the system can control playback of media content from a local server on any home computer (control VLC-player and XBMC Media Center)

The system is an application to keep track of products and drawing up a shopping list.

As the head unit using an ordinary PC running MS Windows, but the system can be installed on Linux-PC - need some adaptation, but in general, almost all works the same on both systems directly “out of the box.” As a platform used by the Web server Apache, MySQL database, and already mentioned, PHP. Much of the functionality performed by a web server, but it also runs a script called primary cycle - from the responsibility for running tasks on a timer.

As already mentioned, the system can work without the peripheral iron, but of course, the more connected to the system of sensors and actuators, the more opportunities.

15 April 2012

Avast! Internet Security 7.0.1426 final (rus) + base is key
Thousandfold compact code

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• Avast! Internet Security 7.0.1426 final (rus) + base is key »»»
Avast! Internet Security 7.0.1426 - is a program that is designed to fully protect your computer in real time.