Thousandfold compact code

Alan Kay associates develop a design methodology STEPS, allowing the system to fit the volume of tens of millions of lines of code (as measured by available prototypes, created in an imperative style) in the 20,000 lines of code.

The bulk of the work was in the “dopilivanie” test version of Frank to the more friendly. Frank - this is when “20 thousand lines of code implemented everything there is to a typical modern PC user, including, of course, and the operating environment.

In a tiny amount of low-level appropriate and Frank-krossplatformnye interfaces with hardware, software packages, and the level of MS Office. Although the main task of the team named Kay find approaches that can be used to implement such an anti-scale problem, but also the Frank, of course, will be a valuable thing - a free and open, does not require the installation of the operating system, containing all and working on multiple platforms. It is created under the motto “math rules!” (Math Wins!) “.

For example, support a model for the Frank-a 2.5D-graphics fit in 457 lines of code.

TCP / IP implementation in classical systems is 20 thousand lines of code in C, and the best implementation will still consist of thousands of operators. In Frank on TCP / IP took only 160 lines of code!

Improved graphical UI-shell, sought more effective methods of joining high-level problem-oriented language with a hardware implementation - for obvious reasons, because the low-level code, in contrast to DSL-language just does not cut, and thousands of lines of “fly away” only to him, and code itself, as expressed by Kay, too “dirty”, and it must be carefully cleaned.

The authors did not expect that the final system will work very fast. Work is in progress, and to increase transparency and accessibility of the technology itself.

Work performed on private investors through the U.S. National Science Foundation on “design science” involved in the work of mathematicians, whose main task - to formalize the concept of the ideal design of complex software systems. In addition to the term DSL Kay also uses the POL (problem oriented language), which is an “executable mathematics.”

STEPS - a simulation of “personal computing” from the user down to the iron, and the creators say that not all of the strengths of design ideas was to put into practice, so that the ratio of 1:1000 is likely to be noticeably improved.

19 April 2012

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