Ubuntu users will hit a new design

With a few days ago announced the spring release distribution Ubuntu 14.04 will begin a cycle of major design changes across the spectrum of distribution Ubuntu. This was announced on his blog markshuttleworth.com head of the project and Linux Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth developer Canonical (Mark Shuttleworth).

Talking about Ubuntu 14.04, which will be known under the code name Quantal Quetzal, he announced the beginning of serious work on typography and interface Ubuntu.

“We have an opportunity to freshen up the appearance of [Ubuntu], and we will start to do with typography,” - says Shuttleworth. He said the changes will begin with the creation of branded fonts Ubuntu Light and Ubuntu Media. Also, Mark Shuttleworth promised to make efforts to improve the appearance of applications and interfaces to the OS.

The head of Canonical promises that users will be amazed at how much change the future shape of Ubuntu compared with the previous releases. And this is only the beginning of changes that will end in version 14.04 LTS, which will be released in the spring of 2014, says Shuttleworth. He warns that the first change may not seem too successful, but eventually they will be worth it.

29 April 2012

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