The Court decided that copyright can not apply to programming languages

The Supreme Court of the European Union on Wednesday, May 2, decided in the SAS Institute, developer SAS System, v. World Programming Limited (WPL). The court order reads as follows:

… In order to create WPS, WPL lawfully acquired a training version of the SAS System, whose license permits the use of SAS for non-production purposes. Thus, although the WPL and studied the product of SAS, there is no reason to believe that the WPL specialists have access to the source code of the SAS.

… Only the concrete expression of ideas and principles protected by copyright. The object of the protection afforded by Directive 91/250, is an expression in the form of a computer program in source or object code that does not prohibit to play a specific functionality on other programming languages. Based on these considerations, the Court finds that neither the function of a computer program, or programming languages ​​or data formats can not be protected by copyright.

The parallels with the case “Oracle vs. Google” obvious. American judges have to decide whether to blame Google Inc. in a copyright infringement because the use of Java API in OS Android.

Jurisdiction of the European Court does not extend to the territory of the United States, so that his decision has no formal implications for Google and Oracle. However, a precedent, and perhaps the judge will take into account when considering this case.

Google believes that copyright not be extended to languages ​​and API, comparing them with the words and phrases of natural languages, and quoting the heads of Sun and Oracle, in which those in favor of the openness of Java.

Oracle insists that Google has to pay royalties for using the Java API, despite the fact that a virtual machine Dalvik was created “from scratch”. In addition, Oracle calls into question the very fact of doing so and tries to prove that the source code of Dalvik has been copied.

3 May 2012

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