Why is iPhone application development in a developing region?

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19 May 2012

The Court decided that copyright can not apply to programming languages
Development of Russian programmers entered into the Guinness Book of Records

• Mozilla launched the app store can run on any smart phone that has a browser »»»
Mozilla, maker of Firefox open-source, on Wednesday launched a Web-based applications store.
• Young developers prefer Linux and PHP »»»
According to Forrester, a new generation of developers prefer to use software products with open source.
• Adobe: Forget the iPhone, developing for Android »»»
Mike Chambers, senior manager of developer relations for the Flash Platform at Adobe.
• Flex Developer Tools: Components, themes, lessons »»»
Hello. A remarkable aspect Flex (now Flash Builder) is that he combined the quality of their (productivity.
• Mozilla a lancé l'App Store peut fonctionner sur n'importe quel téléphone intelligent équipé d'un navigateur »»»
Mozilla, créateur de Firefox open-source, a lancé mercredi une boutique en ligne basée sur les applications.