The developers were able to increase the speed of Android four twice

The engineers from the consortium Linaro, established companies, ARM, Freescale, IBM, Samsung, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments to improve support for the ARM architecture in Linux and open a variety of applications, have worked to optimize the performance of Android 4 (Icecream Sandwich). A report on the done better posted on YouTube in the form of a video that demonstrates the optimized and unoptimized OS for smartphones on an identical set of equipment - a system based on the SoC Texas Instruments PandaBoards (OMAP4430).

In both cases, the hardware, and software version of Android for measuring performance (oxBench) are identical. According to the results of testing with the version of Android optimizations shows 60 frames per second, whereas the original version only 30. To measure was chosen as a test that rests in the processor, for the optimization of the graphics can not be closed because of the drivers for the video accelerator.

Speed ​​was achieved by introducing into the components of the Android platform-specific optimizations for the ARM and the use of newer versions of software to build (GCC 4.7) in combination with the more aggressive options for the compiler (Off-fno-strict-aliasing, and the inclusion-O3). Project developers CyanogenMod, in which an independent community developed based on the code of Android firmware for phones and tablets, announced their intention to use the optimization presented in the future relische its firmware (CyanogenMod 9).

11 June 2012

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