The computer program recorded the exact number of shares of the opposition parties on June 12

Today, as always, after any major street political action, its members, observers in uniform, supporters and opponents of the definitive split in the population estimates published with the Protestants against the power of people.

Fortunately, the biased estimates by eye, even with the use of geodetic algorithms are gradually coming to an end. Back in February, has been tested on Yakimanka computer system, eliminating the subjective human factor in this process.

This morning, a program designed for computer vision specialist, Anatoly Katz, 1800 completed the processing of pictures taken from the same point at the intersection of Christmas and the Petrovsky boulevards. Filming lasted for more than two hours from onset of the march to the point where the column was replaced by a column of protesters paddy wagons.

Based on a formula according to which the passenger is the time integral of velocity multiplied by the density of the system semi-automatically every 30 seconds, record the number of people caught in the frame. The selected point is allowed to take a while to see everyone: those who went to the left and right columns of the roadway, and those who followed the boulevard.

After processing all the information turned out that was not right as the police, at different times, estimates the number of marchers from 15 to 22 thousand people, and those who gave a figure of 100 and even 200 000 people.

An impartial car came to the conclusion that participated in the march 54 000 people. The author clarifies the procedures that the maximum error can be ± 10% due to the fact that the columns are often stopped, and the density of passenger traffic from time to time.

Anatoly Katz holds an MA in “computer vision” at the University of Toronto six years ago. Lives and works in Moscow. Prior to December 4 nothing to do with politics did not. Now wants to use his profession for a politically and socially relevant projects. February 4, he developed a system fixed in the presence of Yakimanka Swamp area and 208,000 people.

13 June 2012

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