Eclipse Juno was released

The Eclipse Foundation announced the release of the annual release of Eclipse Juno, developed by uniting all under the auspices of Eclipse projects, such as platform Eclipse, a set of tools for developers in Java, tools for managing source code, visual GUI builders, etc. In preparation for the new release was attended by 445 committers of more than 40 different organizations. The total amount issued under the Eclipse Juno source of 55 million lines of code. The number included in the release of the draft was 72 (last year there were 62 such projects, and the year before - 39). To load the assemblies produced 13 Eclipse, optimized for different applications, platforms, including options for developers who use Java EE, JavaScript and C / C + +.

28 June 2012

The computer program recorded the exact number of shares of the opposition parties on June 12
Mexican linguist, developed the program search for hidden irony in the comments of users of social networks, Internet

• First version of a new programming language Go to Google »»»
Google is on Wednesday, March 28, introduced the first stable version of the programming language Go.
• Development of Russian programmers entered into the Guinness Book of Records »»»
The innovative development of Russian programmers entered into the Guinness Book of Records, ITAR-TASS reported.
• Google has released a programming language Dart 1.0, designed to replace JavaScript »»»
Google has unveiled the first stable release of Dart 1.0 programming language and associated SDK for developers of web-applications.
• Order poster and get a gift car LADA GRANTA »»»
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• Native operating system will be in 2011 - Rostekhnologii »»»
Concern Sirius is building two data center to create a public repository of free software.