Google has released a programming language Dart 1.0, designed to replace JavaScript

Google has unveiled the first stable release of Dart 1.0 programming language and associated SDK for developers of web-applications. It is noted that the release of Dart 1.0 can be considered a mature and ready to develop real web-based application. Dart is positioned as a structured programming language for the Web, which in the long run may be the progressive replacement of JavaScript, to solve the current problems at the moment with the scalability, performance, and support the development of complex applications.

To simplify the development of the language comes Dart SDK, which includes the compiler in JavaScript - dart2js, virtual machine Dart VM, the package manager pub, a static code analyzer dart_analyzer and a set of libraries. Running and debugging applications written in Dart, without compiling to JavaScript, distributed Dartium - build Chromium browser with integrated virtual machine Dart VM. Future plans include support for Dart in the main branch of Chrome / Chromium. In repository pub has placed more than 500 packages, including prepared frameworks for developing web-based application and AngularDart polymer.dart. With a special layer of JavaScript libraries can be used in projects in language Dart.

To simplify the development of the SDK includes Dart Editor - an integrated development environment specialized for language Dart. Dart Editor on the one hand quite lightweight and not demanding to resources, and other support elements such modern IDE, refactoring, code completion, transition to determine contextual clues, a built-in debugger, and code analysis. Plug-ins to support Dart also prepared for IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, Eclipse, Emacs, Sublime Text 2 and Vim.

Language has a syntax similar to Java, does not require explicit definitions of types and can be used to create server and client applications. To run inside the browser code in Dart can be converted to a JavaScript-view, or run directly under the control of a special JavaScript-interpreter Dartboard. Supported by embedding code in Dart in HTML-pages using the mime-type “application / dart”. On the server side application in the language of Dart can be done inside a special virtual machine that provides the performance of the near-compiled to machine code languages. Virtual machine Dart plans to integrate into future versions of the browser Chrome, which will allow for applications in Dart without compiling to JavaScript.

Language suitable for the development of a programmer small scripts without a rigid structure and the creation of highly scalable for large modular projects, supported by a large group and require more explicitly type in order to avoid confusion and mistakes. In this case, an explicit reference types are not necessarily, for example, you can begin to develop without types, and in the future, if necessary add

16 November 2013

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