PayPal admitted Russian programmers the best in the world

In the final contest of programmers PayPal Battle Hack the first place was the team of four Russian programmers with the application DonateNow, facilitating the collection of donations.

In the organized international Hackathon PayPal PayPal Battle Hack team won the accelerator Founder Institute Moscow as part of Eid Annakova programmers, Alexander Balaban, Sergey Pronin and Oksana Tretiakova.

The winners received a prize of $ 100 thousand Russian winning team developed a mobile service for transferring donations DonateNow using contactless payment technology PayPal Beacon.
According to the developers, the users of such a service will be notified and will be able to raise funds as a transfer fee, and refuse to participate.
In the first phase of Hackaton in Moscow team created the app - city navigator TalkingCity, which helps people with visual impairments to navigate the room and find the right things around him. The judges found this app the best, since it offers a creative solution to a complex process of social problems.

With rossyainami Hackaton competed in the final 10 teams from England, Germany, Israel, Spain and the United States. Each had a day to develop a new service using the payment system PayPal.

Second place went to the team from Tel Aviv, who submitted an application for joint training in running RunPal. The application allows two polzvoatelyam compete in the race with the set conditions, with the loser winner lists the predetermined rate.

The third place team from Miami has developed a service for microloans LoanPal.

18 November 2013

Google has released a programming language Dart 1.0, designed to replace JavaScript
“By 2017, smartphones will become smarter than you” - Carolina Milanesi

• The Russians won in the games category of the international Imagine Cup 2015 finals »»»
IzHard team from St. Petersburg State University (State University) became the winner of the international competition of student start-up projects Imagine Cup 2015 in the category "Games".
• Detained Ryazan hacker, who sold the program, sending out spam »»»
Employees of Department “K” the Russian Interior Ministry arrested 20-year old hacker who sell online program of its own design, allows to obtain passwords to pages, users of social networks.
• Microsoft loses "the greatest programmers of the universe" »»»
From Microsoft takes the chief software architect Ray Ozzie (Ray Ozzie), who succeeded to the post by Bill Gates, who retired from active participation in the affairs of the corporation in 2008.
• Google has patented technology of automated responses in social networks »»»
Internet giant Google has patented technology that allows the user to automate social networking.
• Flex Developer Tools: Components, themes, lessons »»»
Hello. A remarkable aspect Flex (now Flash Builder) is that he combined the quality of their (productivity.