“By 2017, smartphones will become smarter than you” - Carolina Milanesi

After four years, mobile devices will become so smart that they can predict, for example, the following action of the owner or his new purchase. This opinion is contained in the analytical report agency Gartner.

According to the expert, after 4 years of smartphones in fact turn into a digital assistants. They will be intelligent in the sense that it will have more information and knowledge than people. This will be possible, but only in the event that the users themselves will agree to store and process their data in “the cloud.”

According to Milanesi, smartphones will draw information from your calendar, analyze readings of different sensors, based on the location of a person, etc. A lot of this going on today: it is enough to recall the personal assistant to Google Now on Android-powered devices, or a new tab “Today” with a brief overview of the day, which appeared in iOS 7.

First, smartphones will take over many of the routine tasks, according to Gartner. They will automatically be weekly to-do list, send holiday greetings to friends, respond to email, as well as to recognize the situation with traffic jams and select the best itinerary.

Later, under the control of gadgets will pass, and other aspects of life. For example, if the user had planned an important meeting, but he was late for an appointment, the device itself will send a letter of apology. Also, it will be able to shop, if this permission was granted rights.

19 November 2013

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The acquisition extends the IBM Rational Software Development Platform. Nobody would deny the value of organizations that meet the standards of production and technical requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Basel II, or their respective requirements for software development, such as Capability Maturity Model ® Integration (CMMI).
• MajorDoMo - open control system "smart home" »»»
In the morning (no earlier than six and not later than 11) for detection of the first movement in any of the rooms (except bedrooms).
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• Represented by the mobile platform Android 5.1 »»»
Google introduced the release of the mobile platform Android 5.1, the focus of which was paid to honing features introduced in Android 5.