Unknown hacker broke into the computer system of the European Parliament

Computer security system of the European Parliament has been hacked by an unknown hacker. On November 21 reported portal Belgian television RTBF.

Hacker managed to get to the personal data and e-mails MPs undertaken using corporate email service Microsoft Exchange. Surveillance of correspondence officials and collecting confidential information the attacker carried out within a few months. Circumvent established in the European defense he succeeded, removing nearby apartment building assembly - so the hacker was in the coverage of the parliamentary wireless network.

Hacker himself has said he does not intend in any way to use the data - hack the system of the European Parliament, he decided to just show her vulnerability. According to the hacker, it angered the lack of response from politicians to the revelations of Edward Snowden, and he decided to demonstrate that the victims of hacking can become everything.

In Brussels, declined to comment about hacking. In the European Parliament is currently undergoing a series of hearings on the spy scandal that erupted in Europe due to materials released by Snowden. Sent press former CIA documents revealed evidence of large-scale Internet surveillance established by U.S. special for millions of people in Europe, as well as heads of major European states. U.S. authorities Edward Snowden meanwhile accused of divulging state secrets.

22 November 2013

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