Google Chrome invites “Journey through Middle-earth”

Google Chrome opens the “Journey through Middle-earth.” The new development will allow users to explore the map, known to all fans of “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings”, which was established on the basis of your movie, reports The Telegraph.

New map “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” thought out to the smallest detail. If desired, users can get the function approximation clearly see monuments of Middle-earth, different cities and steppes.

However, while such a feature is available for the three locations - Rivendell, forest trolls and ruined fortress of Dol Guldur. If you include comments about them you can hear the voice of Gandalf detailed story. Another three seats will be added in the coming weeks - Hall of Thranduil, Erebor and the Lake District. Map update will take place almost simultaneously with the release in theaters, “The Hobbit: Smaug Wasteland.”

Map built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. “Journey through Middle-earth” is intended for viewing on any device running Chrome, including smartphones and tablets.

23 November 2013

Unknown hacker broke into the computer system of the European Parliament
Bitcoin transaction commit an amount equivalent to $ 160 million at current exchange rates. Transfer fee amounted to 0 (zero) dollars.

• The Ministry of Culture of Latvia has spent 1 million 500 thousand dollars to create a single site »»»
Ministry of Culture has spent more than 750 thousand lats to create digital cultural maps, where various cultural objects are marked.
• Google has released a programming language Dart 1.0, designed to replace JavaScript »»»
Google has unveiled the first stable release of Dart 1.0 programming language and associated SDK for developers of web-applications.
• Eclipse Juno was released »»»
The Eclipse Foundation announced the release of the annual release of Eclipse Juno.
• Google opens the source code Google Wave and encourages third-party developers to continue the project »»»
Google Wave team has decided to run open source project based on Google Wave, except those 200k lines of code that are already open (see waveprotocol.
• Microsoft laid out in free access to the source code of one of the main components of Windows »»»
WRK includes most of the source code NTOS nucleus of the latest released version of Windows, supports the x64 architecture for desktop systems.