Bitcoin transaction commit an amount equivalent to $ 160 million at current exchange rates. Transfer fee amounted to 0 (zero) dollars.

Bitcoin-address with a history of significant transactions carried out last night another translation to a record $ 194,993 BTC, which is slightly more than $ 160 million in the equivalent of the current rate.

Characteristically, the owner of the amount paid 0 BTC transfer fees. Just imagine what would be the translation of the international commission of $ 160 million through the banking system.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin often (from the English. Bit - a unit of information “bits”, Eng. Coin - “coin”) - a peer electronic payment system that uses the same name for the unit of accounting. Bitcoin on your own site described as “digital currency.” In the official reports of the World Bank, the ECB and the FBI - “virtual currency”. According to the classification Financial Crimes Commission (born FinCEN) at the U.S. Treasury Bitcoin referred to as “decentralized virtual currencies.” Bitcoin often called “kriptovalyutoy.” Ministry of Finance of Germany considers Bitcoins one private money, which can be used for “multilateral clearing operations.”

Network is completely decentralized, without a central administrator or any of its counterpart.

Bitcoins can be used for electronic payment for goods / services from sellers who are ready to take them. There is an opportunity to exchange real money through specialized platforms for trading or exchangers.
One of the features - decentralized issuing of new Bitcoins, which can take advantage of anyone, but in strictly limited quantities and only by using the computing power technology, used to protect the payment system from re-spending.
The basic element of this payment system is the client software with open source. With a network application layer protocol running on multiple computers interconnected clients in ad hoc network.

To maintain and protect the system uses cryptographic techniques.

24 November 2013

Google Chrome invites “Journey through Middle-earth”
Google has patented technology of automated responses in social networks

• JPMorgan plans to create its own kriptovalyutu »»»
The largest U.S. bank JPMorgan Chase has filed a patent application on kriptovalyutnuyu payment system.
• Detained Ryazan hacker, who sold the program, sending out spam »»»
Employees of Department “K” the Russian Interior Ministry arrested 20-year old hacker who sell online program of its own design, allows to obtain passwords to pages, users of social networks.
• Communications Minister Igor Shchegolev first formally presented the program "Information Society" »»»
This program will commence immediately after the ending in 2010.
• Revolutionary approach to computers, but to programirovat neural network needs scientist neurologist (with appropriate training) »»»
Interesting point: without creating quality compilers for these systems to be able to lower the amount of knowledge needed to start working with them, this development may simply "not fly.
• Google introduced a new cloud platform »»»
Google opened its own cloud platform Google Cloud, which allows software developers to run inside virtual machines on the infrastructure of Google.