In the government introduced the law on hiring IT workers under the simplified scheme

The Ministry of Communications has completed the preparation and coordination of the bill, which would allow the adoption of IT companies to hire foreigners with salaries of 83 thousand rubles. per month in simplified mode. Officials expect that every year in Russia will come several thousand specialists, primarily from the CIS.
Ministry of Communications sent to the Government prepared and agreed with the concerned authorities, including FMS, amendments to the Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens, told CNews Deputy Minister of Communications Mark Shmulevich.

In accordance with the current version of the law of any Russian companies have the right to attract highly skilled professionals from abroad under the simplified scheme - regardless of quotas. This is much faster - alien registration process takes no more than a month, whereas in the usual way can last three months, and sometimes up to six months, said Shmulevich.
But the law is the condition that the simplified procedure may be applied only to professionals who receive a salary not less than 2 million rubles. per year (167 thousand rubles. per month), he adds.

This minimum threshold compensation, according to the Ministry of Communications, is too high to attract the majority of employees of IT companies.
Exceptions in the current version of the law made for Skolkovo residents - they can be issued without restrictions on wages, as well as scholars and teachers, for which established that their salary should not be less than 1 million rubles. per year (83 thousand rubles. monthly).

“We propose to add this law article that introduces the category of highly skilled IT professionals and will allow companies to recruit foreign experts with a salary of not less than 1 million rubles. Year - told Shmulevich. - This salary correlates with the boundary between highly skilled and highly qualified professionals especially in the regions. ”

29 November 2013

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