Google introduced a new cloud platform

Google opened its own cloud platform Google Cloud, which allows software developers to run inside virtual machines on the infrastructure of Google. The new service is an analog of Amazon Web Services, but still inferior to him in terms of functionality.

Google has announced the end of the test platform Google Cloud, which now becomes public. Were presented to the platform and the company’s commitment to customers who plan to use it.

Google Cloud - a platform like “infrastructure as a service” (IaaS), which allows customers to create, test, and deploy your own applications on the infrastructure of Google, in a high-performance virtual machines.

Under the agreement, which is required to sign Google and its customers, the company ensures uninterrupted operation of the platform by a factor of 99.95% availability. In the case of non-compliance with this value, it undertakes to reimburse part of the payment for subsequent periods using the platform. For example, if the actual availability factor will be less than 95%, the customer will be refunded 50% of the payment for the current period.

In Google reported that the cost of conventional virtual machines has been reduced by 10% compared to the cost in the testing period, but did not name a specific price. To do this, you need to apply.
In addition, customers were invited to three new types of virtual machines. The most powerful configuration includes 16 cores and 104 GB of RAM. In Google believe that such a configuration will be useful for those who need more computing power.

3 December 2013

In the government introduced the law on hiring IT workers under the simplified scheme
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