“Kaspersky Lab” has begun testing its own operating system

Integrators - partners are beta testing the OS protected industrial “Kaspersky Lab”, a project known as “11.11.”

Protected industrial operating system[/[t:tag slug=sistema]system “Kaspersky Lab” has entered the stage of beta testing, told CNews Head of Advanced Technologies “Lab” Andrew Duhvalov.

According to him, “a handful of trusted partners,” the company received SDKs (SDK) system and, besides testing involved writing for her utilities, including drivers of industrial controllers.
Names of testers “Kaspersky” while hiding, but the words of Andrew Duhvalova know that this domestic integrators who are also partners in a foreign supplier APCS. Jointly with partners, an official announcement “Lab” for beta testing a secure OS is expected in early 2014

Andrew told CNews Duhvalov in protected OS “Kaspersky” is not used before any existing code, including the Linux kernel and other open systems. OS based on a microkernel architecture, and “mostly” supports POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface for Unix, portable interface operating systems Unix).

Given the purpose of development - creating a safe environment for mission-critical industrial facilities - OS “Kaspersky” implemented ideology “everything is forbidden that is not expressly permitted.”

According to Andrew Duhvalova OS “Kaspersky” hardly ever appears as distribution, ready to be installed by the end user. Most likely, it will be delivered to customers through partners integrators implementing industrial control systems.

4 December 2013

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