Twitter suggested MOE notify Russians about PE tweets

Twitter will contact the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco with a proposal to create in our country a special twitter account for emergency notification. Official response from the Russian authorities the company has not yet received. About it, “Izvestia” said a member of the Federation Council Ruslan Gattarov.

At the end of September, Twitter Inc. launched on its platform project microblogging Twitter Alerts, to participate in it were invited to state bodies of different countries, responsible for rescue in emergencies, public organizations corresponding profile. Corporation invited them to create a twitter account through which you can notify the population in case of an emergency. To receive these notifications, user must subscribe to the appropriate account. Now Twitter Alerts already working in the U.S., UK, Ireland, Japan, South Korea. For example, in the U.S. Federal messages Emergency Management Agency signed by 273 thousand people.

According Gattarova, Twitter appealed to the Russian Consulate General with the proposal to create the same service for the Russian service of “112″ in the days when a working trip to California was visited by representatives of Russian Emergencies Ministry. Press-service of Ministry of Emergency Situations and the company did not provide operational Twitter comment about it.

Head of coordination of the voluntary fire brigade Main Emergency Management in Moscow, Vladimir Fulga told “Izvestia” welcomed the idea of ​​an American firm. However, in order for it to become a reality, it is necessary to solve the organizational and technical issues.

- It is necessary to write a formal application to the MOE giving the technical conditions. We need to understand how this system is reliable. On what principles will build awareness. For example, what happens if they start some technical work. There are a lot of nuances. And in general a good idea - he said.

According to a member of the Public Chamber of Anton Korobkov-Zemlyanskii in Russia about 3-5 million people use Twitter at least once a month. Total this service has created about 10 million accounts in Russian.

Of course, the social network audience is much inferior to, say, television. But experts believe that as an additional tool alert tweets considered quite reasonable.

- None of the Notifier does not cover 100% of the population. The challenge is to make every effort to alert people. And if you expect help from a high-tech company, then such assistance worth taking, and downstream coordination discuss the details of the requirements specification, - says Anton Spout blogger. - I, for example, do not listen to the radio, do not watch TV. And when SMS were sent in my region of Russia concerning disaster, I have not got. A tweet I always displayed on the phone screen locking.

4 December 2013

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