U.S. Congress to Consider Law 416d65726963612043616e20436f646520

U.S. Rep. Democrat Tony Cardenas (Tony Cardenas) submitted to the U.S. Congress a bill entitled 416d65726963612043616e20436f646520. Name of the project is written in hexadecimal code and stands as America Can Code (”America can program”), the website reported Cardenas.

The bill proposes to equate programming languages ​​”sensitive foreign languages” and enter their study with a “zero” grade school, where children walk five or six years. Which languages ​​should be studied, the politician did not specify.

In addition, Cardenas urged to improve the quality of teaching of science and technology disciplines, introduce grants to local education agencies, supported the initiative, and the Ministry of Education to establish a working group on learning programming.

Need to study programming languages ​​Cardenas explained demands. “Even the title of the bill shows that a programming language - it’s just another language, - he said. - Learning a foreign language and communication it has a great impact on the student both culturally and economically. Likewise, programming, and furthermore this skill is extremely important in today’s global economy. ”

Democrats noted that the number of jobs in the U.S. IT-industry is growing twice as fast than in other industries. He also said that by 2020 the U.S. will be a lack of programmers, as the number of jobs of 1.4 million, and the number of graduates in this specialty - only 400,000.

Users of the site Reddit, which publishes news from the media and social networking, news during the discussion noted that Cardenas made in hexadecimal version of the title of the bill the mistake of not removing the trailing space. As a result, the name when translated to the ASCII standard looks like “America Can Code”.

13 December 2013

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