Google may refuse to issue your own and Intel processor

Google can compete with Intel in the server processor holding the independent development of chips on the architecture of ARM. The company is thinking about this trend, but has not yet made a decision.

Google is considering developing its own processors. But they are not designed for smartphones and tablets, as in the case of Apple, but for servers, Bloomberg reported citing informed sources.

The company plans to use the architecture of ARM, which has spread in the mobile market due to its low power consumption, but it is massively used in servers.

According to the source, using its own processors in their data centers, Google will be able to provide a closer link hardware and software and improve efficiency.
While Google has not made a final decision to develop its own processors and whether it will take is unknown, the source said.

“We are actively involved in the creation of the world’s best infrastructure - Google spokeswoman Liz Markman (Liz Markman). - This applies to both hardware design (at all levels), and software.” On the question of whether Google plans to create its own processor, she refused to answer.

13 December 2013

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