“To make the robot flying, you need to hum, and at the end of the level to explode a bomb threat, I must say:” Bdysch! “”

Games DevGamm conference this year attracted a record number of participants (more than one thousand three hundred). However, developers and publishers of games stand out a little Vadim - primarily the fact that he was 12 years old.

Vadim made the game Robots Inc c unusual, voice control, and gaming conferences rarely seen twelve-mobile game developers, so we decided to take Vadim interview.

Vadim studying at the Moscow school with advanced study of foreign languages ​​in 1296 number 6 in the class. With Unity works with 2011, in 2012, took a course on C #, and now independently exploring Java. Also actively involved in karate.

- Tell me how you did the game. What was the most difficult?

- At first I had the idea about the game with voice control, it seemed to me that it would be very unusual. I started working on the character and levels on paper. Then my dad created levels and characters as three-dimensional models and poured them into Unity. And began a long, but that did not dull the programming process. Make games - it’s very fun and almost easy. It seems to me, the most difficult - is to come up with an idea that people will like.

- And how had the idea of ​​voice control?

- This idea came during a 5-day brainstorming session. She came quite spontaneously, and we did not expect to be able to come up with something so unusual and new.

- Why did you make the game only for Google Play? Are you planning to do something for iOS?

- Yes, I plan to make a version for iOS, but there is no equipment to compile - Computer Apple.

- What you plan to do with the game? Plan to capitalize on it?

- While I was modifying it, polish and going to do more new levels.

- Do you have some other projects in addition to the game?

- Robots Inc addition I have a project mini social network. All communication takes place in a three-dimensional model of my school, which are filled with textures created from photos. While this project is not ready, but he has shown great promise and has a lot of room for development. You can follow him on the site in 1296-online.ru /.

- Got it. And where there is communication? As you can see, chtó on this project will do your visitors use?

- Communication occurs in general chat, but you can send a private message.

- Your dad is related to programming?

- My dad is not involved in programming, but it helps me to create three-dimensional models in Blender.

- Last question about programming. You’re involved in some kind of contests or competitions Programming? You know about these?

- In competitions or competitions have not participated, but very desirable. In our school there is a design competition, but teachers do not say anything yet.

19 December 2013

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