“Yandeks.Muzyka” launched a page of memory Winamp

Music service “Yandeks.Muzyka” launched a special page dedicated to the media player Winamp. Support player, which has existed since 1997, will be discontinued December 20, 2013.

Page repeats the desktop interface of Windows 95 and Windows 98. On the “desktop” open Winamp player window and “Explorer” with folders that contain music.

Passing through the folders, you can listen to Winamp playlists from tracks “Yandeks.Muzyka.” There are lists of data (”Music of the 80s”, “90s Music”) and by genre (”The Rock”, “Pop”, and so on).

In addition, there are “Christmas” playlists and folder “Favorites” in which there is a subfolder FOUND.001. These folders were created after the automatic test the hard drive when it detects errors.

Icons on the “desktop” (”Internet”, “Portfolio”, and others) are the relevant services “Yandex” (”Browser”, “Disc”). When you click on “My Computer”, the main page search engine.

On the decision to close the project Winamp company AOL, which owns a player since 1999, announced on November 20. Website Winamp.com December 20 closed, and updates for your player stop coming.

Winamp was popular in the late 1990s - early 2000s, and many used it to listen to your downloaded from the web of MP3-files. The player supports plug-ins and “skins” - shell, allowing you to change its appearance.

19 December 2013

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Microsoft is interested in acquiring the team at AOL Winamp and service Shoutcast, which allows you to create an Internet radio station.
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• Microsoft kauft die Überreste des legendären Player Winamp »»»
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