Bill Gates has been in the role of Santa on Reddit

The most popular social news website in the world Reddit fourth consecutive year campaign called “Secret Santa” (Secret Santa), under which any Internet user can log in as a “secret Santa Claus” and send a gift to someone else, pre-hearing about his or her desire.

Last year, the event was attended by about 44 thousand people from 130 countries. 2013 goal - to bring the number of “secret Santas” to 121 thousands of users from 160 countries.

In the role of one of these Santa Claus this year was made by none other than Microsoft founder Bill Gates. He sent a greeting card, a book about travel and plush cow wearer Reddit named Rachel.

Plush cow was bought on behalf of Rachel Gates at charity Heifer International, helping starving people. Thus, Gates wants to draw attention to this organization.

20 December 2013

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Duma adopted amendments to the law on benefits for small IT companies - 7 people

• Detained Ryazan hacker, who sold the program, sending out spam »»»
Employees of Department “K” the Russian Interior Ministry arrested 20-year old hacker who sell online program of its own design, allows to obtain passwords to pages, users of social networks.
• Donald Knuth finished the volume 4A of the book "Art of Computer Programming" »»»
The book is sent to press. Volume is devoted to combinatorial algorithms.
• The Russians won in the games category of the international Imagine Cup 2015 finals »»»
IzHard team from St. Petersburg State University (State University) became the winner of the international competition of student start-up projects Imagine Cup 2015 in the category "Games".
• Good books on the organization of code »»»
Few know the basic algorithms and programming language syntax. It should also be able to work with the code so that the resulting program is to get a stable, scalable, must be able to communicate with customers, organize the work process, lead programmers.
• Gates did not allow competitors to "castrate" Windows Vista »»»
Under the “castration” Gates implied claims of competitors Microsoft, in particular, a number of antivirus software, including Symantec and McAfee, to deprive the Windows Vista core systems of protection.