Duma adopted amendments to the law on benefits for small IT companies - 7 people

Three years later (!) It happened: now to pay premiums at a reduced rate of 14%, you have 7 workers in the state. Previously, the minimum threshold was 30. Pruflink at the Ministry of Communications of Russia.

The most important part:
“The new law changes the threshold number of employees in the companies applying for benefits, from 30 to 7 people.”


Three years ago, in 2010, the Duma has prepared changes in the federal law “On insurance premiums to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund.” The essence of the changes was perfect: for small IT companies the percentage of insurance deductions decreased to 14% instead of the standard 34%. The hitch was the very definition of small IT companies, namely:

Number of employees - at least 50 (later reduced to 30, but it is fundamentally nothing has changed).
The share of revenues from the sale of IT products and IT services - at least 90%

With the second most web developers problems would not arise, but first - effectively nullifies the usefulness of the law. We decided to go on the offensive.

Open Letter to President

We launched the site with an open letter to the President of the Russian Federation. Initiative has received good support colleagues. This letter went. A week later, were submitted for consideration by the amendments to the law, the main value of which was to reduce the threshold number of employees. At that time - up to 10 people. It has been a great event, but before the approval of amendments, as it turned out, there was still a long 3 years …

What now

All IT companies with fewer staff at least 7 people can be accredited and pay insurance contributions at a reduced rate of 14%. You also need to continue to be the main income from IT activities at least 90%. There is little change, for example, income in the form of exchange differences and revaluation of currency values, are now not accounted for. Not such a loss, really.

23 December 2013

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