IT exports from Russia for the first time crossed the $ 5 billion - 0.9% of total exports

Total revenue Russian software companies from software exports in 2013 amounted to $ 5.2 billion Such a preliminary assessment of the outgoing year now gives industry association “Russoft.” The dynamics of growth segment continues to slow down, and developers moved away from foreign customers in domestic.

Noncommercial Partnership “Russoft” uniting Russian companies software developers, estimated exports of software and services for its development in 2013, this figure was $ 5.2 billion Valentin Makarov calls provisional assessment: “The exact amount we can call in March 2014 g, but total revenue exceeded exactly a $ 5 billion. ”

The final result in 2012 was $ 4.6 billion Accordingly, the average annual growth in achieving the forecast $ 5.2 billion to less than 11% versus 15% a year earlier. Nevertheless, the association now forecasts growth in 2012 relative to the same 15%. Six months ago, in May 2013 it was that the income of participants market will grow by 20%. For comparison of the two previous post-crisis, the growth was 20% and 22% in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

IT exports now stands at 0.9% of Russia’s total exports, while the share of Russian software companies in the world software is about 2.5%. Six Russian participants (Artezio, Auriga, DataArt, First Line Software, EPAM, Luxoft, Mera and Reksoft) entered the list of the hundred best companies autsoringovyh world according to Global Services.

President “Russoft” Valentin Makarov explains the growth in exports of software and services for its development in 2010-2011. satisfaction of pent-up demand accumulated during the crisis, from foreign companies. “Currently, demand has stabilized and will continue to depend on the growth of the world economy,” - he said.

24 December 2013

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