In Russia, after two years of development launched single portal on the state budget $ 1 billion

Single portal budget system, where you can find all the information about income and expenditure in the public sector, has launched a test operation. Resource created two years spent on it for more than 1 billion rubles.

Single portal for the Russian budget system earned a test mode at Anyone can now see how much of the budget in the subjects of the Russian Federation, expenditure in these regions, the amount of funds aimed at the implementation of government programs, etc. In 2014, the resource will be put into commercial operation, according to the government website.

The portal contains more than 70 pages of information about the budgetary system and device of Russia, state support of businesses and individuals, the public sector and its structure, the financial condition of public law entities, their assets and liabilities, as well as indicators of fiscal accountability, the government said in a statement.
The site also provides the tools to assess public opinion and taken 12 packages of open data. Reservations can also interact with other state information systems, such as the official site for posting information about the state (municipal) institutions.

Since January 1, 2014 on the site will register agreements for grants to legal persons, individual entrepreneurs and individuals. With the portal will also be accessed in the IP of the Federal Treasury, designed for keeping registers of contracts and bank guarantees.

31 December 2013

IT exports from Russia for the first time crossed the $ 5 billion - 0.9% of total exports
Obama signed a law banning GLONASS place in the U.S.

• State Duma spent 6.9 million rubles to the new site. For this money, the portal Duma before the end of this year, will running the information line, deputy blogs and video conferencing capabilities »»»
The Lower House has posted online public procurement tender for the creation of a new official website of the State Duma.
• Communications Minister Igor Shchegolev first formally presented the program "Information Society" »»»
This program will commence immediately after the ending in 2010.
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Project Rating Runet published a list of the leading web studios Russia in 2009.
• The Ministry of Culture of Latvia has spent 1 million 500 thousand dollars to create a single site »»»
Ministry of Culture has spent more than 750 thousand lats to create digital cultural maps, where various cultural objects are marked.
• Developers of programs for the Ministry of Defense awarded the 12 million rubles downloading programs that are in the public domain, and passing them off as their own »»»
Evidence collected by the Chief Military Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.