Obama signed a law banning GLONASS place in the U.S.

A new law on the U.S. defense budget actually prohibits construction in the U.S. territory of the Russian system GLONASS stations. Despite the fact that the document specified conditions of accommodation, the drafters of the law admitted that their goal was to make the presence of GLONASS in the U.S. impossible.

“The goal was to make it unlikely, if not impossible”, - the newspaper The New York Times According to an unnamed representative of the U.S. Republican Party. According to the document, the stations have been admitted to the United States, Secretary of Defense and Director of National Intelligence shall assure Congress that the objects will not be used for intelligence activities against the United States and will be open only to transmit data. The system GLONASS should not increase the effectiveness of Russian weapons and weaken the position of the American GPS system on the market.

In November, the U.S. Defense Department and the CIA tried to convince the State Department not to issue a license to build Roscosmos GLONASS stations in the U.S. territory. Agencies expressed concern that GLONASS station can be used for military purposes - to increase the accuracy of Russian missiles. “I would like to understand why the U.S. would be interested in assisting GPS competitor in circumstances where the situation when the whole world relies on GPS, the U.S. is a clear advantage,” - said the head of the then Committee on Intelligence U.S. House of Representatives Mike Rogers .

Russia sent a request to the United States for the construction of stations GLONASS system in May 2012. Roscosmos plans to place there for eight stations. Development of the GLONASS system was launched in 1970 and fully commissioned by the Ministry of Defence in 1993. Russia is ahead in this U.S. rival - GPS, which was officially declared ready for operation two years later - in 1995. But the life paths diverged navigation systems.

31 December 2013

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