Swedish activists “Pirate Party” organized surveillance of the secret service

Three activists of the youth wing of the Swedish Pirate Party on Tuesday, January 7 were detained on the island near Stockholm Loven for being parked next to the headquarters of the Swedish electronic intelligence agency (FRA) van with radio equipment. This writes TorrentFreak.

The car was placed at the building at the event organized by the activists. Essence of the action described the Chairman of the Pirate Party’s youth wing Gustav Nipe (Gustav Nipe). “No politician or leader FRA unwilling to tell the public what they do in real life - he said. - So we decided that we ourselves need to do signals intelligence.”

What equipment was in the van, not reported. The photographs show that inside the car purple color on wooden pallets mounted antenna.

Keep the equipment in the course of the protesters did not have time. They came armed guards who detained activists and raided the van and its contents photographed. After 45 minutes, the young people were released, saying that if they once again come close to the building and the FRA will include equipment, they will be arrested.

Nipe separately emphasized that activists while the building FRA, do not engage in illegal activities. “No one is allowed to crawl in search of air signal - he said. - Obviously, the FRA has something to hide. Otherwise, they would not had sent us an armed guard.”

In December 2013 the Swedish television citing documents released by Edward Snowden reported that the FRA is a partner of the NSA. Swedish Agency for allegedly convey information about the American telephone conversations Russian politicians. Who exactly was the object of surveillance, was not specified.

9 January 2014

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