Intel frozen plant worth $ 5 billion for the production of next-generation processors

Intel has delayed indefinitely the launch of the plant for the production of chips based on 14-nm technology indefinitely. New playground, according to U.S. President Barack Obama was supposed to be an example of the capacity of American industry.

Intel froze the construction of a plant for the production of processors with 14-nm topology, located in Chandler, Arizona, due to falling demand for personal computers. This was reported by Reuters, citing an Intel representative Chuck Malloy (Chuck Mulloy). By producing chips at the plant corporation was going to start at the end of 2013

Fab 42 plant had become a modern manufacturing facility for the production of Intel chips with the smallest transistors in the industry.
Announcing the new plant at Intel said that capital expenditures for its construction will be $ 5 billion U.S. President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) pointed out in his speech at the Fab 42, as an example of the capacity of American industry.

Fab 42 was part of a list of places that were planned visit by Barack Obama during his election campaign in 2012, visited the construction site, he said that such projects will be returned to the United States many contracts for the production of chips that took to his big Asian suppliers.
When Fab 42 will be launched, is unknown. Malloy said that in the “foreseeable future” factory work begins. He said that to date erected building the necessary infrastructure, built in communication, including heating and air conditioning. But just for chip production equipment in the shops available.

15 January 2014

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