New York Tymes: Russian military NSA infects PCs that are not connected to the internet

About 100 thousand PCs, enjoyed by people all over the world, contain bugs wireless NSA. They allow you to gain remote access to the data even when no Internet connection. According to the newspaper, such tools are introduced in the PC used by the Russian armed forces.

U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) uses the “secret channels of communication” in order to have access to data on computers that are not connected to the Internet, reports The New York Times. Program code-named Quantum.

Under this program, the authors write as The New York Times David Sanger (David E. Sanger) and Tom Schenker (Thom Shanker), U.S. intelligence agencies successfully introduce bugs in computers and networks used by the armies of Russia and China, computers Mexican police and Mexican drug cartels as well as the technique of “partners of the U.S. counter-terrorism”, such as Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan.

To carry out surveillance, NSA previously introduced tiny wireless modules and spyware software in about 100 thousand personal computers distributed worldwide.
Team-NSA these computers can easily be converted into a botnet for cyber attacks. The technology can also be used to seamlessly change the information stored on your computer.

The agency employee can get wireless access to a computer with an integrated module secret a distance of several kilometers, and activate special tracking device.

15 January 2014

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