Order poster and get a gift car LADA GRANTA

We will help you create and run a successful online project as soon as possible. Our process is perfected to the last detail and is completely transparent, which allows our customers to track the progress of the project at every stage. In addition, we build long-term relationships with customers, provide customer support, helping them to develop and promote your project. When ordering on the platform UMI.CMS from us, you can get not only a high quality service and well-functioning project, but also gifts, chief among them - the car Lada Granta! Do not miss this great opportunity! Details of the action can be specified by phone +79030729599 or by asking to our e-mail: anatolii-96@inbox.ru What you need to do to participate: Order poster on the platform at UMI.CMS web studio “Anastasia” Dates: to 31.03.2014 Special conditions: The site should work on UMI.CMS Regulations of the Campaign.

1. Name Stocks - (hereinafter - Sale) Order turnkey website in Web studio “Anastasia” and win a valuable prize as a gift!

2. Organizer info Shares - Name: NOL SPO “Altai College of Economics and Law” (Web-studio - “Anastasia”)

658218, Altai Territory, Rubtsovsk lane. Union, 1 Feedback: On all matters relating to the holding Shares can be contacted by e- anatolii-96@inbox.ru mail or by phone 8-903-072-9599 (7:00 to 15:00 Moscow time)

3. Dates Shares:

3.1. The total period of the Action: from 18.10.2013 to 31.03.2014.

3.2. Period during which the Participant may make an order for a site with a guaranteed yield valuable prize: 18/10/2013 from 00.00 hours to 23.59 hours Moscow time on 31.12.2014 inclusive.

3.3. Guaranteed Prize will be sent to the Participant (except for the main prize) by mail within 20 calendar days from the date of full execution of all obligations of the contract for both parties manufacturing site.

3.3.1. If for some reason the contract is terminated at the manufacturing site, or the amount of the contract by agreement of the parties is reduced, the Participant shall lose the right to receive the prize.

3.4. Value guaranteed prize depends on the amount of the contract at the manufacturing site and computed by the following calculations:

Contract in the amount of 15 000 to 50 000 rubles. - Branded cap;

Contract in the amount of from 50 000 to 90 000. - T-shirt, cap and wall clocks;

Contract in the amount of from 90 000 to 150 000 rubles. - Wall clock and cell phone iphon 3g;

Contract in the amount of 150 000 to 400 000 rubles. - Notebook ACER Aspire;

Contract in the amount of 400 000 to 1 000 000. - Two tickets to the resort of Anapa to Mr. - “Little Cove”;

Contract in the amount of one million rubles. and above - Lada Granta.

4. The territory of the Campaign: Action is carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation.

5. Manner and method of informing the Shares on the Rules:

Informing Members Shares held by placing these rules (hereinafter - the “Rules”) in the Internet at: centrsob.com / for the entire duration of the Campaign. Results Shares are placed in the Internet at: centrsob.com /.

6. The prize fund shares is not limited and depends on the actual contracts for manufacturing sites.

7. Promotion Terms. In order to become a participant shares (hereinafter - the “Member”), you must:

7.1. To conclude an agreement on the manufacturing site with the organizer Stock fulfill all obligations under this agreement;

7.2. In the case of non-fulfillment (improper performance) Participant Terms and Conditions for website creation, Holder has the full right to exclude from the Participant Shares unilaterally.

8. Criteria for allocation of prizes

8.1. Prizes will be distributed among the participants fulfill the conditions specified in paragraphs. 7.1 - 7.2, in accordance with paragraphs. 3.4 of these rules.

9. Participant Rights. Member is entitled to:

9.1. Participate in Shares in the manner specified by these Rules.

9.2. If you meet the criteria specified in claim 8, require the organizer of the prizes.

10. Obligations of the Participant. Party undertakes:

10.1. Follow the rules of the Promotion.

11. Rights Organizer. Holder is entitled to:

11.1. Participant refuse to participate in the Promotion, as well as in the distribution of prizes if the participants are not met the conditions specified in the Regulations.

11.2. To modify or amend these Rules unilaterally, with notification of participants to amend Regulation Shares made in the manner specified in paragraph 5 of this Regulation.

12. Obligations of the Organiser. Holder agrees to:

12.1. Carry out the action in the manner specified by these Rules.

12.2. Issue a call of the corresponding criteria specified in section 8 of this Regulation.

13. The procedure and terms of issue of the prize (prizes).

13.1. Prizes are given (sent by post, except for the main prize) in accordance with paragraphs. 3 of these Regulations.

13.2. The main prize - Car Lada Grant issued directly to the address specified in Section 2 of these rules and can not be replaced in monetary ekvevolente.

13.3. Shares rules stipulated storage unclaimed prizes.

13.4. With regard to the prizes delivered by courier or postal service, since the transfer of the prize to the appropriate service, Organizer is not responsible for the risk of accidental loss or damage. Holder is also not responsible for the risk of accidental loss or damage to prize after prize awarding such Participant.

13.5. Delivery of the prize is determined by the date of transfer of the prize organizer operator courier or postal service to deliver the prizes.

13.6. Organizer shall not be liable in case of sending the prize to the wrong address or the wrong destination due to the Participant providing incorrect shipping addresses, as well as the lack of recipient to the specified address for delivery.

14. Additional conditions.

14.1. The cash equivalent of the prize (paragraphs 3.4.) Is issued.

14.2. Participation in the action automatically implies acceptance of the Participant with these Rules.

14.3. Participants receiving prize (paragraphs 3.4.), If necessary, undertake to sign all necessary documents related to the prize.

14.4. By participating in the Promotion, the Participant hereby consents to the use of their personal data to the Promoter for the announcement of the results of Shares, without payment of compensation to the Participant.

14.5. Organizer provides information to the tax authorities on the income of individuals in connection with obtaining prizes Participants in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The responsibility to pay taxes arising in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation in connection with the receipt of the Prize is for participants who are recipients were recognized and received their prizes.

30 January 2014

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