Revolutionary approach to computers, but to programirovat neural network needs scientist neurologist (with appropriate training)

Interesting point: without creating quality compilers for these systems to be able to lower the amount of knowledge needed to start working with them, this development may simply “not fly.” Because it just will not programmers, can give us something to puzzle these systems.

Around the same problems the industry is now experiencing supercomputers. Technically possible to create almost any machine computing power, but there are very few professionals who are able to write their software to be puzzled at full capacity, and new learning is too slow.

A team of scientists at Stanford has created a new fee - double “Neural networks”, which contains 16 cores, capable to emulate more than a million neurons and synapses billion. They suggest that the mass production of such devices is available at a cost of about $ 400 per unit, which makes it very attractive their use in various devices ranging from robots, artificial limbs ending to significantly increase their computing power while reducing power consumption.

However, even assuming that it is today, there is one important point - to programirovat neural network needs scientist neurologist (with appropriate training).

Now the same team of scientists working on special compilers that would allow people without appropriate scientific baggage acceptable to write programs under this system.

29 April 2014

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