Russia creates protected from spyware mobile operating system “RCISCU”

Russia has established a mobile operating system “RCISCU” which makes it impossible to leak, install spyware and wiretapping, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, Deputy Director General for Development of the Central Research Institute of Economics and Management Systems Informatics (CRI EISU) Dmitry Petrov.

“We really created a secure operating system (OS) RCISCU (Russian mobile operating system), which implies the absence of information leakage, eliminates multiple tabs, makes it impossible to install spyware, wiretapping,” - said Petrov.

The main difference between the domestic operating system is that outdoor certified code excludes the presence of bookmarks. “The presence of any Western” vendor “(the company produces and supplies products and services under its brand - Ed.) Automatically implies the possibility of data management or removal of some information,” - said the agency interlocutor.

He added that on the device with this system you can install programs that can not get access to personal user data. “In addition, the OS features a secure Internet access and built-in protection against malware and spyware”, - assured Petrov.

CRI EISU part of United instrument-making corporation. The main objectives of the Institute are military and economic research, the development of information technologies for military and dual-use items, as well as improvement, modernization and development of the technical bases control and communication systems.

3 July 2014

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