Represented by the mobile platform Android 5.1

Google introduced the release of the mobile platform Android 5.1, the focus of which was paid to honing features introduced in Android 5.0, as well as performance optimization and troubleshooting.

At the same time announced the publication of the source code Android 5.1 platform in a public repository AOSP. Currently, the code is available for download via the public Git-repository project (to create a branch android-5.1.0_r1 and lollipop-mr1-release). In the published code declared support for Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. In the near future will be made to publish an internal synchronization branches Android, developed in the bowels of Google, c urgent public master-branch, which are formed on the basis of independent assembly platform. A few days later also expected to publish binary components used in the firmware for smartphones Nexus, as well as ready firmware for devices Nexus. These components are combined with open source will allow to assemble their own firmware, similar in features to regular firmware.

From implemented in Android 5.1 innovations include:

Support for multiple SIM-cards. The platform now provides full facilities for the organization of work with several SIM-cards, including the ability to select the SIM-card for making calls and functions using different SIM-cards by different users. So now possible not only to act cooperatively with the division of family members access to data and applications, but also the possibility of separation of accounts and phone numbers;

Mechanism Device Protection, allowing initiate blocking system in the event of lost or stolen devices. Lock applies even if the firmware has been reset to factory defaults. To unlock the system just log in to your account at Google;
HD Voice function to perform high-quality voice calls between compatible devices with this feature, such as the Nexus 6 based on the platform Android 5.1 in the network operators T-Mobile and Verizon;

The ability to connect to wireless networks and linking with Bluetooth directly from the Quick settings (Quick Settings).

10 March 2015

Published source platform Android 5.0
FSB interested in the dysfunction of the imported machines on the defense industry of the Urals

• Published source platform Android 5.0 »»»
Google has announced the publication of the source platform Android 5.
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Mike Chambers, senior manager of developer relations for the Flash Platform at Adobe.
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WRK includes most of the source code NTOS nucleus of the latest released version of Windows, supports the x64 architecture for desktop systems.
• Google introduced a new cloud platform »»»
Google opened its own cloud platform Google Cloud, which allows software developers to run inside virtual machines on the infrastructure of Google.
• Publié plate-forme Android 5.0 source »»»
Google a annoncé la publication de la plate-forme Android 5.0 source "Lollipop" dans un PSBA de dépôt public.