Self passwords instead suggests using MasterCard

MasterCard announced the launch of the new testing program this fall: Confirm online purchases will occur by scanning a user’s face.

At the final stage of buying online buyer will need to make your photo with your smartphone. MasterCard believes that it is much easier than remembering passwords.

According to CNN Money, using a new innovative tool payment system plans to reduce the level of fraud.

“I think the new generation that lives snapshots self, like that. They probably will pick up this technology,” - said Ajay bhala, director of MasterCard for innovative solutions in the field of security.

Currently, MasterCard uses the security of online payments called SecureCode, which involves the introduction of a password to confirm the payment online. According to the company, this technology was used in the 3 billion transactions in the past year, it prevents cases of fraudsters use the card on the Internet.

However, passwords are forgotten, they can steal or intercept. That is why many financial companies have followed Apple, using fingerprint technology in iPhone, and started to introduce biometric technology for the convenience of users, and increased security.

MasterCard announced the launch of a pilot program using fingerprint and facial scans. Initially, the project will cover 500 users, and in case of a successful test - will be launched for public use.

3 July 2015

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