The Russians won in the games category of the international Imagine Cup 2015 finals

IzHard team from St. Petersburg State University (State University) became the winner of the international competition of student start-up projects Imagine Cup 2015 in the categoryGames“. Russian developers have received a grant from Microsoft in the amount of 50 thousand dollars. The finals took place in Seattle on July 29 announced the winners on 30 July.

In the category “Games” international Imagine Cup finals in 2015 took first place team IzHard (State University) with the project OVIVO - this platform game, where the hero travels the black-and-white abstract world. The main feature of the project - to change the laws of physics, such as gravity, visual design and minimalism. In the game, for example, there is no perspective. This is done so that the player can create custom images by using your imagination.

To participate in the international finals of the teams is required to pass a regional selection. The final of the Russian stage Imagine Cup 2015 was held in April this year. The jury, which included representatives of the Russian Venture Company (RVC), the Foundation “Skolkovo”, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) and the Foundation for the development of Internet initiatives (FRII) and Microsoft, have looked 135 student projects from seven cities of Russia. The finalists were selected 21 projects. The winners were three teams: in the category “Social projects all bypassed team Galvani Bionix (MIPT) with a project Myoarm Control System (universal platform for contactless control devices), in the category” Innovation “took first place Skolkovo project Lexy (intelligent robot companion, home Assistant). And finally, in the “Games” team won IzHard.

Teams winning Russian tour took part in an international online semi-finals. IzHard was better and went to represent Russia at the Imagine Cup finals in 2015, where he won.

International competition Imagine Cup has been held for 13 consecutive years. The permanent organizer of the competition is by Microsoft. It is the largest and perhaps the most prestigious technology competition for students worldwide. The competition has three categories: “Games”, “Social Projects” and “Innovation”. The winners of the international finals in each category receive the first-place $ 50 thousand for the second - 10 thousand dollars, for the third - 5000 dollars for development.

Defeat in the international finals of Imagine Cup is extremely difficult, in fact have to compete with the best teams from around the world, and the need to protect the projects in English. Nevertheless, the Russians succeeded several times. Moreover, in the category “Games” First place went to our developers for the second year in a row. The Imagine Cup 2014 game won the nomination team from Perm - Brainy Studio, the project TurnOn.

“Winning team IzHard - great news that once again proves that Russian developers - some of the most talented in the world,” - said head of news

1 August 2015

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