Presented FLIF, a new format for lossless image compression, compression level the advancing of PNG and lossless-format mode BPG, JPEG2000 and WebP

Develops new image compression format FLIF (Free Losless Image Format), outpacing level the compression of PNG and lossless-format mode BPG, JPEG2000 and WebP. The source code of tools and libraries to work with the format FLIF available under the GPLv3. Pledged format technology distributed under the free use and does not require a patent license fees.

The basis is a statistical algorithm FLIF context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding MANIAC (Meta-Adaptive Near-zero Integer Arithmetic Coding), which is one of the variants of the algorithm CABAC (Context-Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding), also used in video encoding H.264. In FLIF support progressive encoding interlaced (progressive interlacing), allows you to display a thumbnail image on the basis of the data, gradually increasing the quality as it downloads. Any loaded starting block in a compressed file can be used as a lossy coded images comparable in quality with conventional lossy encoding format. Subsequent data verification model and bring it to full representation similar to the original version.

The level of compression FLIF, when tested on a collection of disparate images (use the test WebP), on average 35% higher than PNG (PNG optimized for 26%), 37% JPEG 2000 to 15% WebP and 22% BPG. Format FLIF copes well with different kinds of images, without requiring additional tuning coding parameters. For example, specific types of images (BPG and JPEG 2000 are optimal for medical photos, PNG for line drawings, PNG and WebP card, etc.) FLIF well ahead of the competition by an average of 10%. The speed encoding and decoding FLIF current implementation is lagging behind other formats.

From FLIF features include support for transparency, animation, color depth of 16 bits per channel mode is very fast decoding in reduced resolution. The plans can be integrated metadata (EXIF, profiles ICC profiles, XMP), support for color spaces (CMYK, YCbCr), lossy compression mode, providing support in the web-browser, and performance optimization.

3 October 2015

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