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Agentix Installer Change Log

1.9.13 [19 May 2007]

  • improved: Brazilian Portuguese and Hungarian localizations were added.

1.9.12 [29 Aug 2006]

  • bugfix: The files with commas in the file names that get installed was shown in the Uninstall.log file, but didn't get deleted during deinstallation.

1.9.11 [21 Mar 2006]

  • improved: English localization for installation interface was updated

1.9.10 [07 Jan 2006]

  • improved: Spanish localization for installation interface was updated

1.9.9 [07 Jan 2006]

  • added: French and Macedonian localization for installation wizard interface
  • bugfix: .NET Frimework version checking error
  • bugfix: error executing installations under Windows 9x

1.9.8 [22 Dec 2005]

  • added: you can specify special conditions for files to be copying onto a computer during an installing.

1.9.7 [21 Dec 2005]

  • added: [BGIMAGES] section. Now the installer can put bitmaps on screens background during the installation. For example you can show logo of your software application during the installation.

v.1.9.6 [21 Dec 2005]

  • added: Korean language support for the installation wizard.

v.1.9.5 [18 Dec 2005]

  • added: LogFile parameter in the [BUILD] section of a setup script. Set LogFile to 1 to save a messages log into a file placed in the installation package output directory.
  • added: CRCSelfChecking parameter in the [BUILD] section of a setup script. Set it to 0 to turn off CRC self-checking of a setup program at the beginning of the software installation.

v.1.9.4 [31 Aug 2005]

  • added: support for .NET application deployment. Now the installer can create setup programs for .NET applications.

v.1.9.3 [26 Mar 2005]

  • bugfix: artefacts appeared on the installation wizard window while showing current operation during uninstalling.
  • bugfix: a wrong setup stub used for creation sfx-archives.
  • improved: updated Spanish language for an installer interface
  • added: command line parameter for silent installing

v.1.9.2 [18 Mar 2005]

  • added: registration procedure.
  • added: License changed. Now Agentix Installer is a shareware for commercial and non-commercial usage.
  • bugfix: incorrect deleteing non empty registry keys with multiple subkeys exsisting during deinstallation.

v.1.9.1 [16 Feb 2005]

  • bugfix: error message under Windows 98 when creating nonexisting directory.

v.1.09 [13 Jul 2004

  • added: a dutch translation
  • added: macroses - <CommonAppData>, <UserProfile>, <AllUsers>, <CommonDocuments>, <CommonPictures>, <CommonMusic>, <CommonVideo>, <Pictures>, <Music> and <Video>
  • improved: a new installer/uninstaller icon
  • improved: optimized code and increased setup building speed
  • bugfix: a grammatical mistake in the Welcome dialog - serve->severe.
  • bugfix: setups could not be executed under Windows 95.
  • bugfix: wrong behavior of <Common...> macroses under Win98 with multiuser access enabled.
  • bugfix: wrong behavior of <Programs> macros under NT.
  • bugfix: a problem with showing missing fonts during installing.
  • bugfix: a character '&' was shown incorrectly.
  • bugfix: registry keys with values created after installing was deleted during uninstalling.

v.1.08 [07 Dec 2003]

  • improved: Now under Windows XP style controls are used if themes are enabled.
  • added: additional interface languages - german, italian, romanian, spanish and turkish.
  • added: section CONDITIONS. You can specify conditions such as administrative privileges, Windows version, Internet Explorer version, DirectX version and Microsoft Access version. Conditions are verified at the begining of the setup and installing will be proceeded only if all specified conditions was satisfied.
  • added: parameter 'append' in INIFILES section for ability to append a data to value of existing key.
  • added: compression indicator. During building of the installer current percentage of compression process is shown on the right of each compressing file on the console window.
  • added: License changed. Agentix Installer is free only for non-commercial usage.
  • bugfix: If DesktopCheckbox = 1 or OuickLaunchCheckBox = 1 and corresponding check boxes on 'Select Programs Menu Folder' dialog was unchecked it had no effect and corresponding shortcuts was created.
  • bugfix: An wrong error message was displayed during the installer building process when wildcards for including files was used and there is no matching files in a directory.
  • bugfix: Wrong wildcards processing for files to be included in the installation when more then one wildcards specified.
  • bugfix: Error occured when zero size files were being added during a setup building process.
  • bugfix: Sometimes external program can not be launched succesfully from the installer.
  • bugfix: On Windows 98 macroses like <Common...> were replaced by paths to nonexisting common folders.
  • bugfix: Failed rebooting Windows XP when it is required after the setup finished.
  • bugfix: Improper representation of installers window when large font is selected in Control Panel -> Display dialog.

v.1.07 [27 June 2003]

    changes and new features:

  • 'WaitForKey' option added.
  • %UninstallerFileName% macros added. A name of the uninstaller file can be specified by value of this macros. It can be used in the same way as other macroses, but specially in SHORTCUTS section.
  • In EXECUTE section additional parameter added for specifying how a program should be launched: minimized, maximized or normal.
  • <IE> and <MSAccess> predefined macroses added.
  • If the path of installing file is sufficiently long and can not find room for appearing below progress bar, it is truncated so as file name can be visible.
  • Error messages are shown if readme or license file should be displayed but can not be found when the installer gets generated.
  • Error messages are shown if some of the files cannot be found when the installer gets generated.
  • Default value of %InstallPath% macros changed to '<ProgramFiles>\%PRODUCTSHORTNAME%'.
  • Improved messages during a setup building process.
  • Added documentation in Microsoft Word format.
  • Option 'shared' added into SHORTCUTS section.

    fixed bugs:

  • 'BGEnabled' option has no effect when it is set to 1.
  • 'BGWithCaption' was not documented in the documentation page.
  • A warning message box was appeared when trying to uninstall some files which had been marked as shared but are not dll's or exe's ones.
  • The install directory path was corrupted, if one of the file couldn't be found when the installer gets generated.
  • In case when %PRODUCTSHORTNAME% macros and %PRODUCTFULLNAME% macros had identical values, a program was uninstalled incorrectly and title of uninstaller window contained garbage.
  • It was not be able to launch generated installers under Windows 95.

v.1.06.1 [19 Apr 2003]

    changes and new features:

  • Now after building process is finished, log-file is created in a directory from which build.exe was launched.
  • Made some changes in console screen output during setup building process. Now the console window is closed only after any key pressed.

    fixed bugs:

  • If <CommonDesktop> macros is set as a destination for a shortcut, user can not cancel creation of this shortcut on the Desktop.

v.1.06 [12 Feb 2003]

    changes and new features:

  • In the BUILD section 'Sfx' key added. Now you can easly create sfx-archives with Agentix Installer. Only 22k overhead over compressed data size. For details see the documentation.
  • Files that are in use by another application and can not be replaced during installing are overwrited on computer reboot.
  • Many error messages added (error opening existing file, error writing a file, error creating directories, new files, registry entries and some others messages). On NT, 2000, XP access rights to system objects are verified and corresponding messages are shown if insufficient access right are detected.
  • If there was errors during the setup process, an user is notified after installing finished.
  • If during uninstalling some directories can not be deleted automatically because of containing files that was not created by the installation, a special dialog is displayed to allow an user to delete the files manually after uninstall has been completed.
  • In the 'Languages' key, value 'all' can be specified. In this case all available languages will be included in the installation.
  • If during uninstalling it was detected a shared file which can be deleted, a function 'DllUnregisterServer' is called before the file will be deleted.
  • Some little changes was made in the installer interface.
  • One text string can be shown on BGB screen.
  • Names of languages in the 'Select Language' dialog are sorted alphabetically.

    fixed bugs:

  • The installer was stayed in a memory after setup was completed.
  • Some resource leaks was fixed.
  • 'RightColor' key of BUILD section was not affect right side color of uninstaller window.
  • 'Cancel' button did not work in the Uninstall window.
  • Existing read-only files was not replaced during installing.
  • Read-only directories was not deleted during uninstalling.
  • Existing files 'uninstall.exe' and 'uninstall.log' in the installation directory was deleted if installing was canceled.
  • Existing files, that had been replaced during installing, was deleted if installing was canceled. Existing registry values, that had been replaced during installing, was deleted if installing was canceled. Registry keys, contained this values, that do not contain other values was deleted too. Now, if installing was canceled, only those files, registry keys and values, that have been created during installing, is removed.
  • Colors specified in 'RightColor', 'BGColorTop' and 'BGColorBottom' keys of BUILD section had BGR format, not RGB.
  • An icon was not associated with .agisc extention under WIndows NT 4.0.
  • build.exe did not replace read-only files while bulding an instaler.
  • Macroses in strings in the FILES section was not expanded.
  • During building of the installer, system shown an error message while processing non executable files: The application or DLL is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette.

v.1.05 [26 Sep 2002]

    fixed bugs:

  • In the MACROSES section, %PRODUCTFULLNAME%, %INSTALLPATH% and %SHORTCUTSGROUP% macroses was not set to its default values if they was empty.
  • It was not be able to use macroses in OutputFolder, SetupFileName, ReadmePath and LicensePath keys of BUILD section.

    changes and new features:

  • In the 'Select Destination Directory' dialog the installer now checks the installation path up, whether it is valid, before to go to the next dialog.
  • Required and available amounts of free hard disk space are calculated to be displayed in the 'Select Destination Directory' dialog.

v.1.04b [05 Sep 2002]

    fixed bugs:

  • If default installation path was something like 'c:\MyApplicationFolder', i.e., folder in a root directory, installer failed after pressing Browse button.
  • Name of default shortcuts group was not added to List Box control of 'Select Programs menu folder' dialog.
  • Files version check-up do not worked and, if 'overwrite_criterion' parameter in section FILES equals 1 or 2, existing files was overwrited regardless of value of 'if_file_exists' parameter.

    changes and new features:

  • In section FILES the new parameter 'shared' added. It specifies whether to mark the installing file as a shared legacy file. If you mark an installing file as a shared legacy file, the installer keeps reference count information about any legacy copy of the file (installed by a prior setup) it finds on the target machine and can determine whether to delete legacy files when it uninstalls your product. This parameter is important when, for example, you install shared files (commonly shared DLLs or OCX controls) that already exists on the target machines.

v.1.03b [25 Aug 2002]

    fixed bugs:

  • Relative paths in the script file was relative to the folder from which build.exe was launched. Now such paths are relative to the folder in which the script is.
  • The installer and uninstaller was created with big (32x32) icon only. Now it is created with big and small (16x16) icons.

v.1.02b [16 Jul 2002]

    fixed bugs:

  • After setup has completed the installer was remaining in memory under Win9x in cases when SetupComplete dialog was not shown.
  • In section EXECUTE it was not able to specify SetupComplete dialog as a dialog after which some program must be launched.

    changes and new features:

  • Now the installer has only 28k overhead over compressed data size

v.1.01 [21 Jun 2002]

    fixed bugs:

    It was impossible to specify relative path in OutputFolder parameter.
  • data.dat do not deleted after bulding installer.
  • If predefined macroses such as %PRODUCTFULLNAME%, %INSTALLPATH% and others was missing in MACROSES section the installer wasn't launched.
  • If among files to be packed into the installation there was a file which was opened by some program in mode not allowing to share this file by reading the installer was build broken and may not run properly.
  • It was impossible to specify a name of file or directory without extention as one of excluding masks in FILES section.
  • Default values wasn't assigned to Languages and SetupFileName parameters when they was empty.

    changes and new features:

  • Compact installer interface added. You can specify type of the interface (compact or full size) in Compact parameter of BUILD section.
  • New section ASSOCIATIONS added in the script. In this section you can create or override a file association.
  • Name of ACTIONS section replaced by EXECUTE.
  • New macros <AppData> added. During installation it is replaced by path to a file system directory that serves as a common repository for application-specific data.
  • In BUILD section GroupCheckBox, DesktopCheckBox and OuickLaunchCheckBox parameters added. They allow to specify whether user will be able to cancel program's group creation, shortcuts creation on the Desktop and shortcuts creation on the OuickLaunch panel correspondingly.
  • In BUILD section OpenReadme and LaunchProgram parameters added. They allow to specify path to readme file which must be opened and path to program which must be launched after the installation will complete. If SetupComplete dialog is shown it will has checkboxes which allow to cancel opening and executing.
  • In BUILD section Reboot parameter added. It allow to specify whether the installer must reboot computer after the installation will complete. If SetupComplete dialog is shown it will has checkbox which allow to cancel rebooting. If SetupComplete dialog is not shown message box will be shown to allow to cancel rebooting.
  • In DestinationFolder dialog the part of the default installation path following the last back slash is shown in the edit control and can be changed. Also it is appended to the path which user can select by pressing 'Browse' button.
  • After Agentix Installer will be installed on your computer build.exe will be associated with agisc extention. To create the installer you can simply double-click on the script file in Windows Explorer or in any other file manager.
  • Added support for INI files creation/writing.
  • Registry paths can begin with back slash.
  • Some optimizing changes made in code.
  • If macroses %PRODUCTFULLNAME% and %SHORTCUTSGROUP% is missing in MACROSES section their equal value of %PRODUCTSHORTNAME% macros. If macros %INSTALLPATH% is missinjg its value is C:\%PRODUCTSHORTNAME%.
  • In BUILD section Uninstall parameter added. If it equals 0 the installer is build without uninstall support. Otherwise the installer is build with uninstall support and Add/Remove Programs entry for your program is automatically created.
  • DLL section added. It allow to call dll functions during the installation.
  • Added multilanguage support for some installer messages.

v.1.00b [30 May 2002]

v.0.28 [29 May 2002]

  • добавлены опции OutputFolder и VerifyUserLanguage
  • исправлено - нельзя было задать параметры BGColorTop и BGColorBottom, экран закрашивался черным
  • исправлено - диалог Language показывался независимо от настройки
  • исправлено - если отключить диалог SetupComplete, инсталятор оставался в памяти
  • некоторые параметры теперь выставляются по умолчанию, если они отсутствуют в строках настройки
  • добавлена возможность записывать в реестр значения типов REG_MULTI_SZ и REG_BINARY

v.0.27 [28 May 2002]

  • Изменен алгоритм сжатия на zlib

v.0.26 [27 May 2002]

  • в упаковщике исправлены memory leacks (создавались и не удалялись пара строк в цикле)
  • упаковщику теперь можно указывать полный путь скрипта
  • добавлена возможность перезаписи существующего файла по условию (дата, версия)

v.0.25b [21 Apr 2002]

  • Добавлена возможность ShellExecute.

v.0.24b [24 Dec 2001]

  • Упаковщик теперь понимает относительные пути в файле проекта.

v.0.23b [21 Dec 2001]

  • Изменен мезанизм отрисовки градиента (чтобы нормально отрисовывался в режиме 8 битного цвета)
  • При деинсталляции удалялись не все файлы под Win2k. Исправлено.

v.0.22b [20 Dec 2001]

  • Исправлен баг - в диалоге копирования файлов при нажатии Enter происходил переход к следующему диалогу
  • При отмене установки не удалялся лог - исправлено.

v.0.21b [18 Dec 2001]

  • Исправлен механизм смены языка установки. Под Win9x были глюки.

v.0.2b [15 Dec 2001]

  • Код переписан без использования функций RunTime Library и компилируется теперь с ключом /nodefaultlib. Размер незапакованного setup'а уменьшен на ~ 40 кб.
  • Добавлена проверка crc.
  • Изменен механизм вывода диалогов.
  • Модифицирован метод получения Spesial Foldes Paths с помощью функций SHGet... и добавлен вызов ExitProcess в WinMain. Под Win2k setup оставался в памяти.
  • Распознавание макросов перенесено в упаковщик. В setup передаются только изменяемые макросы.
  • Более корректно сделан вызов CreateProcess. Были memory или resource leacks.
  • Перед MoveFile вставлен вызов DeleteFile.
  • Перед удалением файлов у каждого снимается аттрибут read only.
  • Перед удалением директорий текущая директория устанавливается на temp.
  • В проекте языки установки указываются теперь по их language id.
  • Сделано более корректное удаление директорий.
  • У файла uninstall.exe теперь своя иконка.

v.0.1b [08 Dec 2001]

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