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What are users saying about Agentix Installer?

«I chose Agentix Installer to package our Tech-Pro Utilities because I needed an installer with a very low size overhead. Some of the utilities are very small, and Agentix Installer allows me to create setup packages as small as 65KB. It also makes a very efficient way to distribute updates.

Agentix Installer is script-based. The scripts are easy to understand, and having got the hang of them, it takes just a couple of minutes to create a script for a new program by editing an existing one. You could not do it quicker using a GUI. There is a surprising amount of power and flexibility in this package, and I particularly like the ability to run a program or DLL at any point during the install or uninstall. I am especially impressed with the information provided during an uninstall, that gives the user the option of removing files created during use of an application. I spent a long time looking at different setup builders and I do not think there is anything to beat Agentix Installer either on size of the installation package or price.»

Julian Moss

«I recently came across your Agentix Installer as i was searching for a small, scriptable Win32 installer for my Java network application which i developed for my studies at my home university. I found your software very powerful and easy to use at the same time as it works with a small, compact scripting language.»

Sebastian Machhausen

«I have been a user of Inno Setup for several years. Although it works very well it is beginning to deserve the description 'bloatware', especially for my applications which are mostly fairly small. I have been evaluating a number of products that claim to have a low overhead.

I evaluated Agentix Installer and it is very impressive indeed, doing almost everything Inno Setup does that I need, but producing Setup files 238Kb smaller (290Kb smaller than the beta of the next version!) However, there are a few small things that I would like to see which would make this product perfect for my requirements.

Many thanks for making this excellent product available.»


«I prefer Agentix Installer for these reasons:

- It accomplishes exactly what I want it to - install files - without bombarding me with so many weird options that I give up in frustration.

- It gets its files dynamically based on file templates, which means that, if I am building an installation with more files (or fewer files) than the previous version, Agentix Installer figures that out all by itself. All I have to do is make sure the correct group of files are in the directory, and Agentix Installer grabs them all.

- It doesn't cause me grief if there are existing files on the client machine: that means that it's very easy to repair damaged installations on client machines, by just rerunning the installer.

- It has variables for all the directory options I could hope for, most of which I will probably not be using, but it's nice to know they're there. Maybe I *will* need them some day, after all.

- It can be run from the command line, which means I can set up my configuration just once, build a batch file that runs Agentix Installer, and then call the batch file any time I need a new software build. That's perfect for my purposes.

- It's affordable.»

Lou Duchez

«It is simple, small, cheap and, best of all (according to my opinion), there's the possibility to change the language during the installation.»

Alessandro Vitiello

«Hello, I have tested yours Agentix Installer and I have found it very nice, congratulations. Surely I will use your installer to distribute the setup of my utility.»


«I am very impressed with the features of your installer and the way you have laid things out is logical and easy to understand.»

Craig Wrigley

«We have been using Agentix Installer and we would like to report some feedback about it. First, many thanks for providing such a great installer that is easier to use than most of the ones you can find these days - the scriptable interface is great too.»

Francois Orsini

«Small size overhead, single EXE file and the ease of scripting.»

George McHamish, Moneysoft

«Very easy to use and with many features, creates very small setup executables.»

Sam Francke
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