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Agentix Installer


Agentix Installer is an script-based software installer you can use to make full Windows compatible installation programs for your development to deploy your software to single or enterprise-wide users.

The installer creates compact installations with minimal overhead that are packed into one self-expanding file for easy deployment. An installation wizard has a professional-looking interface. The size of a setup extractor module is 48kb only overhead compressed data size.

Agentix Installer is an easy of use setup tool. A script file has ini-file syntax and can be created in any text editor.

Agentix Installer GUI

There is a free GUI for creating script files. It is a AGIsBuilder by Sam Francke.

AGIsBuilder is a program to create script files for Agentix Installer. It is not a complete package for creating installations. It is an addition to Agentix Installer, and requires that Agentix Installer is installed on your computer to compile setup files.

AGIsBuilder web page:
Direct download link.

Some features of AGIsBuilder:

* easy access to (nearly all) Agentix Installer parameters and options;
* compile and run scripts, if Agentix Installer is installed on your computer;
* multilingual
* freeware


Effective compression engine
Agentix Installer make use of reliable and effective compression algorithm to build smaller installers. Small-size installers can reduce the bandwidth of your webserver and its load.

Minimal overhead
Agentix Installer can create installers with 48kb overhead only over compressed data size.

Self-extracted archives
Agentix Installer can create sfx-archives with only 28k overhead over compressed data size.

Installation protection
Each installer has self-verification module which detects whether it was damaged or changed.

Multilanguage support
Agentix Installer can build installers with multilanguage interface. You can easly make international software deliveries with any languages you wish.

Two different interface
You can choose what interface you installer will have: standard or compact.

Single-file installations
For easy distribution Agentix Installer creates self-explaining installation packed into one file.

Application rollback
On cancelling the installation process, all files, registry keys and values created during installation will be removed.

Shows different dialogs
Installer can displays these dialogs during installing: Select Language, Welcome, License Agreement, Readme Information, Select Destination Directory, Select Programs menu Folder, Ready To Install, Setup Complete.

Start Menu shortcuts

File associations

Registry and INI modification

Runs executables and dll functions during setup.

Correctly installs/uninstalls shared files

ActiveX control registration

Detects destination directory from the registry

Big gradient screen

Silent mode setup

Uninstall support

Low resource requirements

If it is need can to reboot system after the installation completed.

Easily builds installers from a small script file

Can build installer from files being in several different folders.

Relative paths in the script are permitted

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