Agentix SystemReport


SystemReport screenshot SystemReport is a small utility which generates flexible system information report and sends it by e-mail. It has many usefull options and can be easily customized through an ini-file. This utility is intended for developers. You can include it to your product installation and make the shortcut to it with name "Solve problems" or "Report a bug" for example.


Gothers different information about hardware, file system, registry entries, and etc.
Generates a flexible report and save it into a text file.
Send the system report to any e-mail address via default e-mailer.
Supports To, CC and BCC e-mail field.
Can be run in silent mode.
Manual/automatic closing after information to be collected.
Easily tuned from a script that has ini-file format.
Small file size (only 38k).
Low resource requirements.


Direct mailing via SMTP.
GUI for script editing.
Multiple attachments.
Attachment compressing.
Progress bar.
Multilingual interface.

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